Alpha Group

Starts When: May 17th

Where: Faith Church

Time: 5:30 for dinner

Friends in Faith

Is there more to life than this?  

Who is Jesus?  

How Does God Guide us?

These are just 3 of 15 questions addressed by the Alpha experience.   Gather in a casual atmosphere, share a meal, watch an engaging video that introduces the topic, and finish the gathering with group discussion that will have you thinking about these topics for weeks. There is no homework and no preparation required.

This experience has the potential to leave you excited about faith, more engaged with the community, and more hopeful about life. For testimony of how Alpha has changed their lives, contact Kathy Aitcheson, Susan Appleton or Bill Tuttle or look online at

Questions? Contact

Bill Tuttle:

Susan Appleton:

Kathryn Aitcheson:

Faith will offer Alpha on Wednesday evening from 5:30 – 7:30, beginning May 17th.






Contact Bill Tuttle and he will take all of your information: