Adult Bible Study

You’ll see that there are several options for classes and workshops for adults this fall, focused on Bible Study and spiritual practice. I hope you’ll choose the things that resonate with your spiritual needs and mark your calendars now so you can make those growth opportunities a priority.

We’ll also formally introduce a slightly-altered Sunday morning schedule, which will begin on 9/16). We’ve added a 10:30 Adult Sunday School class to the schedule so that children, youth, and their parents (and other adults) can all go to Sunday School at the 10:30hour. This means a few things:

  1. Sunday School for children and youth will now begin right at 10:30 instead of young people beginning the hour in worship and then leaving after the children’s time. Children will check in and go to the choir room. Youth will check in and go to the annex. Grown-ups will go to Sunday School in the Talbert conference room. Folks not attending Sunday School will go to worship!
  2. Families with children are encouraged to worship together at 9:00. We’ll have children’s time during the 9:00 service and kids in preschool to 5thgrade will be invited to leave the service during the sermon time for Children’s Music with Andrew and Melissa. So if you have young people in your life, you’ll be able to worship together for most of the service, then grown-ups can experience the sermon time on their own while kids have a great time learning music that will encourage their faith. Kids will come back to the service when their music time is over.

Questions? More information on Adult Ministries at Faith Church, please contact Bill Tuttle, Adult Team Ministry Lead:

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