Alpha Group

Starts When: October 4th thru December 13th

Where: Talbert Building

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Friends in Faith

If you ever wonder “Why am I here?”, you might be interested in the Alpha Course.

The Alpha Course is a fun and easy way to discuss the basics of Christianity and what gives meaning to your life.

The course includes:
• a delicious catered dinner (free),
• a 30-minute video
• time to discuss the video in a small supportive group setting.
• No homework!
• No preparation needed!

The course also includes a special weekend day – November 18th.

I hope you and your friends outside of Faith Church will join us. This is a wonderful way to invite friends to explore what Christianity is.

Questions? Please reach out to Susan Appleton or 425-233-9326 to get involved or have your questions answered.

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