Community Day Camp

Registration is open!

Kids entering 1st-6th grade
Mon-Fri, July 23-27 from 9am-3pm
We’re doing something new this year with a week of day camp for 1st-6th graders.  We’re partnering with professionals from Twinlow Camps in Idaho to help give our kids an amazing camp experience without having to go to camp! During each day of camp, we’ll get to do lots of fun activities, games, projects, and crafts together, all in a way that focuses on helping kids to make friends, know God a bit more, have fun and making connections with the kids who are a part of our program.



A note to the families of Faith Church:  If you have an empty room or two and would be willing to host a few of the college-age staff who will be coming from Twinlow Camp to help lead our Community Day Camp experience, please let Brendan Cooney know!  Faith Church will be hosting four paid camp staff during the week and plan to show them all the love and hospitality that Faith Church has to offer!  Contact Brendan for more info.