Connection Points

As leaders at Faith Church, we created Connection Points events with the heart to create friendly community interaction and to build stronger friendships among members of our church as well as with friends in the local community.


May 19 Connection Points


Hike: Snow Lake @ 9am

Meet at the Trailhead near Alpental at 9am

Snow lake is one of our favorite hikes to do in the I-90 corridor due to its stunning views of the Cascades as you come over the hill and first get a view of the lake itself.  Bring your dogs, your friends, your partner, and some basic hiking gear for this 7.2 mi round-trip hike!

If you want more info or just to make sure that you don’t miss the group, contact Brendan Cooney at

Hike Info and Directions


Brewery: Postdoc Brewery @ 3pm


Located just outside Marymoor Park in Redmond, this is the perfect brewery to check out before or after you go for a stroll with your dog through the Marymoor dog park, or after a nice walk or bike ride yourself!


*From their website for those who have never been there*

We make a range of beers at Postdoc Brewing. You can expect a perfect Pacific Northwest lineup at our core, and we fill in the corners with sour and barrel aged beers. Every beer is made with a focus on delivering the best possible experience to the customer.
Our taproom offers a relaxed environment, with blended natural woods and lots of reclaimed pieces throughout to create a warm, inviting location to enjoy our latest beverages. We are also kid and dog friendly – so bring them too.


If you want more info or just to make sure that you don’t miss the group, contact Brendan Cooney at

Brewery Info and Directions





As members of the Methodist tradition, we would like to remind all of the participants that moderation in the enjoyment of alcohol is a great choice.  Although many of the venues provide alcohol, it is up to you to drink responsibly and to show care and compassion for your neighbor.

We hope that you enjoy your time together and find new community and friendships through these monthly events.

Questions?  Ideas for new Connection Points?  Contact Brendan Cooney or Pam Zajac!

Brendan Cooney
Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries

Pam Zajac
Office Administrator

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